Ninja Cat and Zombie Dinosaurs

First commercial game that I completed, as a one man indie team. I am proud of it :)

Zombie Dinosaurs have invaded Paris! Ninja Cat needs to kill them with shurikens, katana and… keyboard. Type or die. Original idea, lots of action, addicting gameplay and polished execution. Play for free version 1.0.9 with social additions:

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How to play: You don’t control the Ninja Cat. You type the letters that appear under dinosaurs. Be smart which dino you select. Select junctions to change the path on which you move. Collect powerups. Try to collect Stars… and stay alive!

Read longer how to play with tips, tricks and useful keyboard shortcuts.

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Version 1.0.9 / 18 june 2014

  • Social version for SenseLang: logging in through Facebook, challenging your friends
  • shurikens fly in more varied arcs
  • player throws 3 shurikens when killing dinos for more points
  • dinos on some level previews
  • during TRex fight he will be accompanied by other dinosaurs
  • in menu name input the backspace hold deletes keys continuosly
  • typed key sound is played only once per keystroke
  • for spoiled players: on first two levels, finishing 75% unlocks the next level


Version 1.0.8 / 15 march 2014

  • added internet-wide ladders (visible right in game), and login through social portals
  • pressing C on stats screen will copy the results as a plain text
  • polished the look of fonts in the game (score, kill, player name)
  • the stats visible in game will be the same as on summary screen (adjusted to difficulty level)
  • fixed few bugs in game and menu
  • added 200+ words!


Version 1.0.7 / 11 november 2013

  • Rating of words: press up/down arrow when typing a word you like/don’t like, so it will be picked more/less often. The rated list stays between games. The status of a word is displayed at the bottom of screen – hand up or down.
  • Collected powerups have translucent background behind them, so they’re more visible
  • Level choosing menu: arrows don’t appear if there are no more levels to left or right


Version 1.0.6 / 22nd August 2013

  • added fullscreen button in main menu
  • more points for high combos
  • standardized points on different difficulties, so you can roughly compare players on easy vs players on hard
  • baloons have tiny shadows
  • hard is harder (players complained it was too easy)
  • instead of pausing when you have typing problems, game will show you what keys have to be pressed next (like it was with space)
  • game remembers state of mute music/sound buttons in main menu
  • added 120 words, including some from players and some kinky ones :P


Version 1.0.5 / 11th July 2013

  • press F2 to enable fullscreen, at any moment in game
  • fixed bug in which you could press enter to automatically finish words (fortunately it didn’t give points)
  • fixed preloader presentation stuff
  • (hopefully) fixed bug which gave player invulnerability
  • added 100+ words!

You can add it to your Chrome browser as an Application or play it on many game portals, including:

If you’re running flash game portal, and you’d like to have this game on your site, here and here you can find instructions for embeding it. You can also contact me directly if you’d like to have a custom branded version (aka sitelock).

Press reviews and awards

Community reactions:

  • Ninja Cat has highest rating and the most of game-plays among all typing games on game typing portal AlfaTyping
  • Polish social sharing portal Wykop (PL). It got 290 likes, 98 comments, more than 10’000 thousand views and it was featured on the main page
  • Game has about 9’000 views a day


  • “So I discovered this game through my job at a local high school; I tutor an intellectually challenged boy from classroom to classroom, and this game has kept his interest and improved his typing speed! He had always used one hand to type, but I kept telling him that if he wants to beat the game, he’ll have to use two, and now he’s finally on track using both hands to type.” – M. Hoffman
  • “The typing game is fantastic – easily the best typing game I’ve ever played. Thank you!” – Jason Carter
  • “Hello, Mr. Rutkowski, I am just writing to let you know I started playing Ninja Cat about 2 days ago and I am officially ADDICTED! The graphics are awesome, the music is awesome, the sound effects, everything! I wish I could find more versions; I will definitely play them all. And the great thing about it is my typing speed has increased significantly these past days that I’ve been playing the game. I beat the game on all 3 levels and I continue to play it because I absolutely love it. If possible please let me know if you release another version of it and when.” – Sophia M. Johnson


You can also read technical postmortem from production and how the in-game level editor works – mostly for game developers.


By Michał Friedrich


Ninja Cat and Zombie Dinosaurs

Boss fight:

Ninja Cat - Trex boss


Ninja Cat menu


Ninja Cat - statistics

In-game editor:

Ninja Cat enemy zone editor



By Aleksandra Spisak and Mariusz Siergiejew.

Author on Digital Dragons 2013:

Me at Digital Dragons

Pretty pale because of long time spent finishing the game and preparing promotional materials. Hard life.

Poznan Game Arena 2013:

At PGA I was in better condition, and had a bigger booth.

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