Ninja Cat and Zombie Dinosaurs PowerPack

This is my first crowdfunding project. I started it at end of october 2013. By doing this I want to significantly improve the game. I love it very much, got good reactions from players and game press alike. After finishing it, it will be available only to PowerPack supporters. However, I plan to build on it new features, and those new versions will be most probably sold by internet.

If you don’t know what Ninja Cat and Zombie Dinosaurs (base game) is all about, click here.

Features that will be added to PowerPack:

  • 100 new words from me, and adding all those sent by supporters
  • flavours in dino behaviour (kamikadze and knight)

  • ninja equipment (spiders, flash bomb, knives)
  • WPM counting
  • setting to change word maturity level
  • before junctions, showing the path on which player is walking
  • over time graphical statistics of accuracy, WPM etc.
  • new powerup (dynamite)
  • new dinosaur (Archeopteryx)
  • new level
  • new boss Quetzalcoatl at end of new level

level6 menu

  • fixed few bugs, polished few things (ie. in-game captions)
  • created tool (Uuk) for easier managing of the list of words


In addition, for the reasons explained here, I will add few more things:

  • new cool Ninja Cat look and animations

new ninja cat

  • blood stains on screen when player damaged
  • funky border when in fullscreen
  • vignette when in water, in underground, on some levels color shifting
  • cat in main menu blinks ;)
  • better music quality



I’d like to thank the following people, for supporting me (also fulfilling the crowdfunding promise):

  • Michał Stalewski
  • Andrzej Kała
  • Michał Jangas
  • Jacek Rutkowski

Also, that wouldn’t have been possible without the help of CD-Action (yep!) and obviously


At Poznan Game Arena I started marketing by giving out 200+ leaflats – but that didn’t really help.


Many game portals have written about it:


I have prepared a (kitschy) clip about PowerPack:

Go on, it has english subtitles.