Ninja Cat social additions

Recently I’ve been very busy with making a “social version” of Ninja Cat for Sense Lang. Sense Lang is a typing portal, teaching people how to type faster. They have also typing games, and we cooperate for a long time now, ie. you can play special version of Ninja Cat there.

So, after half a year, today (18.6.2014) I finally finished the project and you can play Ninja Cat with social additions here!

What exactly is changed?

Base additions

First, there is a option to login using social portal (currently Facebook and Twitter) – directly inside game. Thanks to that, you can see your picture next to health bar, and be able to save scores to highscore ladder… which is also displayed directly inside game. This is rather unique feature.



Challenges work like this: you select a level and your friend, you play the game, then your score is sent in a invitation to your friend, who can play the same level and try to beat your score. You are informed whether he did it or not, and you both can see your stats (points, accuracy, dinos killed).

That’s pretty cool feature, we predict it can add a lot of fun to game. It will be released in few days also on Sense Lang… and whole internet.… it’s live already, for whole internet. That’s because everything is done inside .swf, so it can go viral wherever it want, all the services willl work. I will tweet about it, when it’s available for everyone.

Here are some screenshots. First – your profile with a history of challenges, so you can check stats and results.


That’s what happens when you have ambitious friends…


During game you can see player faces, and progress bar indicating how many points do you need, to beat your friend.


This is a screen where you choose friend from a social portal to a challenge.


As you can see, that’s a lot of new user interface controls. The task consisted mostly of making a lot GUI inside game… which in case of Ninja Cat was pretty tiring, because GUI here is very badly designed, basically hack on hack ;) Other than that, I was using REST service created by Sense Lang, for the login, ladders and social portal integration.