This is studio logo… you can see my photo on the bottom right of page :)

This website belongs to Hubert Rutkowski, whose indie game dev struggles as one man studio Koshmaar you can observe here. I live in Gdańsk (Poland), and currently am focusing on flash games. I have 14+ years of experience as programmer (mostly C++ and other low level tech), of which 5 was spent working in industry.

Right now I want to try making and (evil word warning) money-tizing games on my own. On this blog I will share some of my knowledge and lessons that I’ve learned while doing this.

Hobbies are rather non digital: sports (martial arts, powerlifting), human nutrition, playing acoustic guitar, drawing and user interface design. I also love improv comedy, travelling (CS and hitch hiking), alternative mass events… and even public speaking!


You can contact me directly through email. There is also Facebook page and Twitter account – links are in the footer.

If you have a LinkedIn and we know each other, feel free to get in touch. You can find me by my name.

I have also more private page, hubert-rutkowski.pl, where you can take a look at my non-commercial games and projects.